UNI EN 13241-1

Industrial and garage doors and gates

he title of the standard reads: Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates - Product standard - Products without fire resistance or smoke control.

This standard is the official English version of the European standard EN 13241-1 (July 2003 edition) and takes into account the corrections introduced on 1 October 2003, the standard specifies the performance and safety requirements for doors, gates and barriers intended to the installation in pedestrian area and for which the main intended use is the safe access of goods and vehicles accompanied or guided by people to industrial, commercial or residential areas.

The "Construction Products" Directive provides that, in order to allow the market to adapt to the new rules, a limited period (in this case one year, from April 2004 to April 2005) is granted for a transitional regime, during which time compliance the standard and the consequent right to affix the "CE" marking on products will be voluntary at the end of the transitional period, commercial, industrial and garage doors and gates that are not CE marked will not be placed on the market The standard obliges the manufacturer to perform a number of tests and to monitor their production of Manufacturing and Control Plans (PFCs) to ensure that prototype performance is maintained in current production. The tests are designed to determine performance against of the features of:

Mechanical Aspects:

  • a.1) Drive force;
  • a.2) Mechanical resistance;
  • a.3) Mechanical durability;
  • a.4) Geometry of glass vents / components;
  • a.5) Protection against cutting risks;
  • a.6) Stain protection;
  • a.7) Security of openings;
  • a.8) Release of dangerous substances;

Motorized Operation:

  • b.1) Protection against crushing, crushing and dragging;
  • b.2) Operating forces;
  • b.3) Electrical safety;
  • b.4) Electromagnetic compatibility;

Additional Requirements for Specific Performance Features:

  • c.1) Water retention;
  • c.2) resistance to wind load;
  • c.3) Noise;
  • c.4) Thermal resistance;
  • c.5) air permeability;
  • c.6) Durability of the operating characteristics;
  • c.7) Instructions for installation, operation and maintenance;

Each gate or gate shall be provided with a permanent and easily legible label containing at least the following information:

  1. manufacturer or importer in the EU (name / contact information eg code or address);
  2. door / gate type; serial number / unique port / gate reference number;
  3. year of production all the markings of law.

The marking in the EU member states corresponds to the CE marking; these details must also be indicated in the documentation accompanying the product together with details of the additional functional characteristics according to EN 12635, the indication of the product's performance against those among the features listed above that are relevant to the intended use, must accompany the CE marking, together with the name or brand name and the registered address of the manufacturer, the year in which the marking is affixed and the reference to the regulations, in this case the EN 13241-1, the production control system (PFC) adopted, must also ensure the operational effectiveness of the production control system to be controlled.

The documentation of the PFC system must at least define the following:

  1. specifications of tasks and authority;
  2. specifications of the system documentation structure;
  3. specifications and checks of raw materials and components;
  4. identification and traceability of products;
  5. documented procedures and instructions for the CPT;
  6. control of registrations relating to 'F.P.C .:
  7. design control;
  8. identification of inspections and tests to be carried out;
  9. identification of the necessary equipment for inspections and tests;
  10. treatment of non-compliant products;
  11. performing corrective actions.

All system records must be properly and securely stored for at least 10 years, the installation control system must be part of the factory production control when the manufacturers perform the installation properly. Note When an installation that the need for professional installers is carried out by a separate organization and when installation affects the final operation of the product, the installation itself must be covered by a separate control system.

Our company has always been attentive to the continuous technological and legislative evolution, based on the tests carried out on samples of our production by Ministerial Notified Bodies declares its suitability for the system of attestation of conformity required by applicable legislation.

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