International Welding Inspector

Welding Coordinator

With the entry into force of D.M. 14/01/2008 (NTC) and the future standard UNI EN ISO 1090 clearly defines the importance and role of the welding coordinator, indispensable for workshops for the production of metal carpentry for clarity the norm UNI EN ISO 14731 is fundamental, defining the roles and tasks of that professional figure! The WELDING INSPECTOR performs a verification and control activity that must only be performed by qualified personnel and using qualified procedures, the qualification rules of the procedures vary according to the scope and depending on the material to be welded. To start ordering among the more than 300 European standards for welding, also referred to by UNI REN ISO 3834 and non-destructive controls (UNI EN ISO 17635), comes to the aid of the table published and constantly updated by the Swedish Welding Commission at www.svets.se.
The Welding Inspectors represent the professional welding work dedicated to inspection activities, so they are not strictly considered in a production context, but work with Welding Coordinators and non-destructive testing operators. The Welding Inspector figure provides three qualification levels, depending on the degree holdings held:

  • International Welding Inspector – Comprehensive (IWI-C)
  • International Welding Inspector – Standard (IWI-S)
  • International Welding Inspector – Basic (IWI-B)

The expected levels of education are summarized in the following table, depending on the type of professional figure.

Degree or university degree in Engineering; Alternatively, in Materials Science, Physics, Chemistry or Architecture, coupled with proven industrial welding experience or high school diploma with technical (or equivalent) duration of 5 years.
Attestation of professional vocational school education, obtained following a course of at least three years, with a minimum age of 20; Alternatively, admission exam and qualification certificate in the metalworking sector, with a minimum age of 22 (of which 3 of industrial experience).
Documented welding experience or Welding Practioner Certificate.