CE marking of steel structures.

Since 1 July the European harmonized standard EN 1090-1 "Execution of steel and aluminum structures - Part 1: Requirements for the conformity assessment of structural components" has entered into force, therefore the CE marking for the marketing of such products.

How to publish on the site of the Superior Council of Public Works, through a freely consulted and downloadable address UNI 1090-1 D.M. 14/01/2008.pdf , it should be noted in particular that, since the end of the coexistence period of the harmonized European standard EN 1090-1, its CE marking will be the only way of qualifying products falling within the scope of the harmonized standard for the purposes of the use of the products themselves in works. From that date, for those metallic carpentry products covered by EN 1090-1, the Central Technical Service will no longer issue the attestation of a declaration of the activity of a metalworking carpentry center.

For the serial products covered by the European harmonized standard EN 1090-1, the aforementioned CE marking constitutes a sufficient qualification of the product in accordance with § 11.1, case A), DM 14.01.2008. Therefore, the manufacturer of structural steel carpentry items, if they have CE marking for these products on the basis of EN 1090-1, does not require the certificate of filing of the documentation as a metal-processing transformation center issued pursuant to §§ and of DM 14.01.2008.

This certificate will be issued only in the case of metal products not covered by EN 1090-1 in the residual case, resulting in such products being mandatory for use in works.

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