Arte Ferro s.r.l. planing and realization of metal carpentry, gates fences and railings.

Founded in 1999, from previous experience in ironmongery and metal carpentry construction, the "Arte Ferro srl", a company with continuous development and professional upgrading, stands out in the design and construction of metal carpentry, gates, fencing and parapets, both with high-end handicrafts such as forging for single pieces, and with industrial machining that can meet production needs in large batches at competitive prices, out of a logic of maximum profit by targeting not the best price but the maximum quality at the best price!

Operating in the context of continuous development that distinguishes us from the very beginning, and believing the highest quality of customer satisfaction is the quality of the products supplied, our company has a quality management system certified to the UNI International Standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, and quality management for the "special" welding process UNI EN ISO 3834-2 with extensive quality criteria, being able to meet any constructive requirement.
The training of internal staff is a crucial factor in respecting the quality policies of our organization, whereby all welding personnel are trained, trained and possessing WQ (Welding Qualification UNI EN ISO 9606) validity as well as N.D.T staff (Non-Destructive Testing) in VT-MT-PT is certified as the 2nd level UNI EN ISO 9712, including Welding Coordinator, EWF/IIW IWI (International Welding Inspector).

Operando nell'ottica di sviluppo continuo che dall'origine ci distingue, e ritenendo di massima importanza la soddisfazione del cliente è la qualità dei prodotti forniti, la nostra azienda si è dotata di un sistema della gestione per la qualità certificato secondo lo standard internazionale UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, e di gestione della qualità per il processo "speciale" di saldatura UNI EN ISO 3834-2 con criteri di qualità estesi, ponendosi in condizione di poter soddisfare qualsiasi esigenza costruttiva.
La formazione del personale interno rappresenta un punto cruciale per il rispetto delle politiche di qualità della nostra organizzazione, per cui, tutto il personale addetto alle attività di saldatura risultano formati, qualificati ed in possesso di WQ (Welding Qualification UNI EN ISO 9606) in corso di validità, cosi come il personale addetto alle P.N.D. (Prove Non Distruttive) nei metodi VT-MT-PT è certificato come II° livello UNI EN ISO 9712, compresi gli addetti al controllo e supervisione della saldatura (Welding Coordinator), figure professionali certificate EWF/IIW IWI(International Welding Inspector).

Structural Carpentry! certified quality.

Thanks to our constant commitment, and considering the construction sector, in particular the steel-related steel industry, we have been registered at the Superior Council for Public Works (Italian C.S.L.P) as the Steel Transformation Center at # 3414/16 (ex 2001/12) so that it can operate and be able to respond to any request in the national territory in compliance with the requirements imposed by the NTC DM 14/01/008.
Recently (July 1, 2014) with the entry into force of the UNI EN ISO 1090 standard which, in compliance with Regulation (EU) 305/2011, which stipulates the mandatory "CE" marking of the carpentry to be used in all structures European territory with the aim of facilitating the free exchange and transit of goods within the European Community, we have checked our FPC (factory production control), obtaining the certification number 0474-CPR-0888, in the class of EXC-3 execution, this class allows us to operate and supply structural work in areas classified at seismic risk or fatigued structures.

Apart from the production of structural carpentry, our company has always distinguished itself in the design, manufacture and supply of:

  • Driveways and pedestrian gates, both with swinging and sliding doors, tailored to customer needs and design, covering all the lines that can be realized from the most classic to the most modern and different price ranges.
    All our production gates, including fully blinded and automated ones, are provided complete with DoP Performance Statement pursuant to Regulation (EU) 305/2011 and CE Marking Compliance, our production gates can be supplied complete with self-supporting stand, design solution that provides the complete product of the support structures and handling mechanisms, optimizing the installation times and ensuring static and functional stability over the gate's time! 

  • Fences for luxury homes,apartment buildings, and custom-made industries. made in customized panels, designed to simplify and optimize the laying work, fences can be produced following the most varied lines, from the simplest and most straightforward to the forging of precious and the unmatched quality, of particular interest in the fence is our production of network poles, which thanks to the laying of panels and the working swaddle, create an aesthetically pleasing effect and of utmost lightness.

  • Railings and balustrades, balconies, terraces indoor and outdoor scales, manufactured in compliance with current regulations regulating design and production, even these products, in accordance with the applicable geometric features are made and supplied in the most varied lines, more information about Geometric features including railings with horizontal elements are available in UNI EN ISO 10809. 
    By way of example, among the products excluded from the scope of UNI 1090, there are non-structural parapets, so it appears that a parapet designed to withstand loads and / or stresses with a collective protection function from falling in the vacuum is necessarily structural is therefore to produce and mark CE according to UNI 1090.

  • Structural carpentry of various kinds such as

  • Structural steel carpentry for security stairs and fire escape stairs;
  • Structural steel carpentry for industrial and commercial roofing;
  • Structural steel carpentry for outdoor canopies;
  • Structural steel carpentry for static consolidation of existing buildings;
  • Structural steel carpentry for civil engineering works;
  • Structural Steel Carpentry for Industrial Engineering Works and Plant Support;
  • Structural steel carpentry for lofts for industrial or civil use;
  • etc...etc..