Quality Policy

The Management of ARTE FERRO Srl, with the decision to have the Quality Management System, to keep it active and to improve it, wants to meet the needs and expectations of its customers by adopting an effective management tool that allows a continuous improvement of the organization , and business performance.

The organization pursues the goal of satisfying the customer in terms of compliance with contractual requirements and normally, price competitiveness, compliance with delivery times, and minimum containment of complaints arising from complaints and non-conformities.

ARTE FERRO's Management considers the individual ability and ability, awareness, involvement, motivation of the staff towards quality, key factors in their ability to achieve business goals.

Use Quality Management as a tool for achieving a quality level that meets your goals and for implementing work methods that, through process control and optimization of results, and continuous performance improvement, achieve better economic results and greater market penetration, and enable them to acquire and retire a qualified clientele.

With this Quality Policy Statement, and with the Manual, ARTE FERRO Management communicates to the Interested Parties and to the staff their own intentions and methods implemented for this purpose.

Through the Quality Management System, ARTE FERRO designs, implements, monitors, processes to achieve, monitor and measure the degree of implementation of the objectives, evaluates actions to correct, prevent, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the system and objectives in quality.

The Direction of ARTE FERRO S.r.l. assigns to Mr Daniele Pratiffi the position of Representative of the Directorate for Quality, with the task of developing, implementing the System, reporting on the degree of performance and performance, and representing the ARTE FERRO Company with respect to its staff and of third parties, as far as Quality is concerned.